Cotton candy is known throughout the world and in every culture, as one of the few products does not require additional advertising!

Availability has never been so simple. With the closure of its using appropriate technology in the cup plastic we can enjoy its taste in any place, without waiting longer for a special occasion.


Who among us does not remember the carefree years of childhood and of our most beautiful period of life, in those moments accompanied us what “she” – cotton candy always bringing a smile to our faces.


Thanks to technology developed by us and unique solutions now and you can decide on its own factory in your country.


One of the most expensive components of this product is to transport because we know that cotton “, weighs almost nothing” Unfortunately, the volume is large, for example, a truck of our sweet delicacy weighs only about 3 tons together with the packaging.


Cotton candy as a product from the “impulse” is a high-margin, so if you feel the challenge, please contact us and discuss opportunities to open your own cotton candy factories.


Thanks to cooperation with us get more than you think, and all thanks to many years of experience in working with this product.


It is very difficult nowadays to create and introduce new products we have managed to do so, moreover, we have developed more new products and technologies that can be produced using the same line.


Here are some of them:


Cotton candy that turns into bubble gum – or ever would have thought that it would be possible, and perhaps break the canon and sour cotton candy ?, and at the end of the firecracker firing cotton candy with sugar …


Each 500 ml cup contains 20 grams of sugar which is equivalent to a large cotton candy on a stick. The price of cotton on a stick you know. It is worth noting that at a time when particularly pay attention to what we eat – 1 cup watts is only 80 calories and gives a feeling of fulfillment sweet dreams. The rest of you will be contacting us


Ask yourself whether a child would like to try it, or whether as a parent odmówiłbyś to buy this product?



If so we look forward to hearing from you.