The history of candy-floss goes back to the sixteenth century, when Italy was a delicacy only for the elect.

This happened because they did not know any devices yet to produce it. Everything changed in 1897. When William Morrison and John Wharton invented a machine for producing cotton candy. Finally he arrived to a larger group of gourmets. Over the years they started to produce more and more equipment for the production and candy-floss became the dainty of choice at church fairs, and festivals.

We decided to go a step further and in 2003 introduced cotton candy, packed in cups with a capacity of 500 ml. With us, the taste of cotton wool can enjoy anytime, anywhere and without any special occasion. During the summer, the winter, outside, at school, at home, on birthdays or just watching TV.

Our packaging has a meticulous graphic design and can be easily identified among other products available for purchase.

For the production of cotton do not use any preservatives, so it is just as natural as that you purchase at fairs. With the modern equipment and the best materials a remarkably long shelf life of up 365 days from the date of manufacture.

Our product is enjoyed both in Poland and in Europe.